Notepad Mobile

Notepad Mobile for Pocket PC

Award winning simple and easy to use text editor and viewer

The Award Winning Notepad Mobile, by Orneta is a simple and easy to use text editor and viewer for Windows Mobile based devices. The simple and elegant design, is very powerful and feature rich. You can create, view and edit simple or complex documents with ease. Notepad Mobile supports any type of text file, from simple notes and memos, to complex HTML and XML documents. Notepad Mobile is so powerful you can even edit and create Start Menu shortcut links as well as Home Screen layout files. The possibilities are endless with Notepad Mobile.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited display possibilities
  • Edit any type of file with style
  • Powerful searching functionality
  • Elegant interface with a powerful design
  • Simple and elegant one-handed operation
  • Multi-State Icon Support (Windows Mobile 5.0 Only)
  • Theme, Resolution, and Orientation Aware; Future proof

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Notepad Mobile


Notepad Mobile WM5 3.00

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